Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vile Homophobic Rant by Scott Baio's Wife, Which Baio Defends

So...race and liberal-minded people aren't the only things that get Scott Baio worked up.  And it's not just Scott - his wife Renee seems to really hate lesbians (and liberals, for that matter).  Well, according to Renee, she only really hates some lesbians.

Scott tweeted about having paid his taxes, so now he's fed and housed a whole bunch of lazy unemployed people - and covered their medical expenses!  The entire country should be thanking Scott for what must be his enormous income and the taxes he so compassionately pays to help so many in need, right?

I guess not everyone thinks so. posted a copy of the tweet.  They didn't comment on it, they just posted a copy.  Who knows why (since his generous gift to overly needy humanity is so awesome), but he got mad that it was posted on the website.  Some discourse occurred on Twitter between Scott and one of the Jezebel writers, and suddenly all hell broke loose.  While Scott was complaining about the website basically being mean to him and causing him problems, the writer quipped that he didn't need any help, he was doing a fine job of causing himself problems.  She used the phrase, "you, sir, hang yourself with your own rope".

After all the racism accusations Scott has received, he is like really, really attuned to things now...I guess...because he flew off the handle accusing the writer of racism because she referenced hanging.  Huh??

Aaaand then he blocked her.  But he again promised he'd pray for her.  These days he throws in something about prayer, thinking it reverses the hateful things he's just said or somehow makes them acceptable.

Plenty of craziness ensued and his wife Renee spew forth a blast of vileness on her Facebook page.  I don't quite understand this because according to Scott in a later tweet, Renee only accepts friend requests from people she knows.  So does that mean a friend of hers isn't really a friend?  After all someone released this screencap.  (Click for larger view.)

Then Scott Baio (his classy piss in tow) defended his wife's position, and much more craziness ensued, most of it mind-boggling, including the accusation that Jezebel was trying to hurt children because the Baios have a children's charity.  I don't think Scott and Renee need any help in hurting that charity's reputation - they're doing a fine job of that themselves.

This fight must have been reported on 50% of the blogs on the internet.  Here are a few links from Jezebel, which help flesh out the story.

Early in the fight

Day 2

The main fighting points and Renee's Facebook posts

"The Complete Meltdown" (although this is far from complete)

Jezebel offers a place for Baio supporters to unleash their wrath upon Jezebel (and funnily enough...they don't)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Even "Black" Cats Bother Scott Baio

Scott Baio has now attacked an avatar of a black cat...emphasizing that it's a "BLACK" cat and seeming to wish death on the cat.  When someone points out his attack will be considered racist by some people, he replies, "it's NOT racist, BUT...".  Most people would pick up on the absurdity of the notion, but not Baio - because none of it is absurd to him.

I wonder if he fears nighttime because of the blackness.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Racial "Joke"

Scott Baio's latest example of a "joke".  I wonder how many celebrities use the kind of judgment he does, and repeatedly post racially oriented "jokes" in an enormously public forum such as Twitter.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Racism or "Joke"?

Late last week the internets went all abuzz with reports of Scott Baio being accused of racism (and death threats were even made by one Twitter user), because of a photo he'd posted of Michelle Obama. Baio defended the photo as a "joke", and some of the people who viewed the photo don't understood how it could be considered racist.  This will give you a better idea of why many people consider it racist.

There is much to report on the antics of Baio's Twitter life, but for now we'll focus on the accusations of racism.

Baio claims his political status as a conservative, and although politics aren't the main issue here I'm including a few of his postings which are from a conservative's perspective.  They provide a glimpse into Baio's disdain for President Obama - some of which might be because Obama isn't a conservative, but that doesn't explain why he lumps Obama with Michael Vick as a "loser".  (Seriously, Obama and Vick only have one obvious thing in common). We ask that you take all of these screencaps as a whole into consideration.

He currently uses the Twitter/Twitpic account @RealScottBaio. His first account was @thescottbaio, which is still active as of this posting. These screencaps are from both accounts.

(Click on photos for larger view. Baio's comments and the fine print on some of the photos provide the all-important context.)

Here is the pic that started it all last week:

Here are some pics from his Twitpic accounts:

Here are screencaps of a few of his tweets. This exchange from Oct 2009 brought him to the (very negative) attention of quite a few people:

It's obviously a very bad thing to have death threats made against you, but the reality is that it isn't uncommon online when people dive deeply into passionate topics.  In fact, some of Scott Baio's fans made death threats against at least one liberal whom had angered Scott (and therefore his fans) a few months ago. Those threats included talk of the taste of a gun barrel and the quickness with which a person's throat can be slit and the perpetrator being back safely in their bed before the victim knew what hit him. Twitter completely ignored the target of those threats when he reported them.

Here is the screencap of the threats made towards Scott Baio. The account was quickly removed from Twitter when this was reported.

Here are a few links to blogs by people either with 'personal' experience with his Twitter life, or have just kept a watch on what's been going on with his account since October:

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Totally the Bomb

There are plenty of blogs to be found online simply by searching "Scott Baio death threats", but most of them are hearing things 4th- or 5th- or 6th-hand, and many are simply regurgitating the others. Here are some links anyway:

Huffington Post
Daily Mail (UK)
Fox News